BOOKS l Transatlantic Dialogues, Morocco Today

Clara Riveros (1984), is a political scientist, consultant and political analyst. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the National University of Colombia, where she studied political science. Clara is an avid traveler, who has visited different countries (Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina and Spain) analyzing political issues and Latin American populisms. During the past four years she has lived between Morocco and Colombia. Her prolonged stays in the Maghreb inspired her to write four books named Diálogos transatlánticos [Transatlantic Dialogues]. She did not find a better way to testify the mutual discovery.

In the book Diálogos Transatlánticos, Marruecos hoy. (Del Sáhara al Caribe) [Transatlantic Dialogues, Morocco Today (From the Sahara to the Caribbean)], Riveros offers an approximation to the complexity of regional identities and the issue of citizenship under construction, as an unfinished and even incipient process. These are the topics she has been investigating, comparing, scrutinizing and documenting in the field during the past years. Riveros analyzes the treatment given by the Ibero-American academy and Spanish-speaking media to the Sahara Question and proposes a dialogue between authors and experts to account for historical elements often ignored and unknown about it. She attempts to define from a sociological perspective, the populations of the Caribbean and the Sahara to account for regional identities as evidence of diversity. She observes with interest the situation of women in their social groups and communities and the challenges endured in the face of the modernity project on both sides of the Atlantic. Riveros proposes a redefined lecture of the Sahara and for the Sahara. This is a reading in tune with the current and contemporary challenges faced by these populations in the struggle for the birth or emergence of the individual-citizen.

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